Tips for Charge The Lithium Battery

June 20, 2018

Is it better for your battery's health to charge your battery just 80% but more often, or to charge your phone infrequently?

A modern Lithium Ion battery can stand charging to a total of some factor typically between 500 and 2000 times for a full charge from 0% to 100%. However, for a battery that will stand perhaps 500 of these full charges it will stand around 5000 charges of just 10% rather than the 100%. Furthermore, it makes no difference if you charge from 20% to 30% or 85% to 95%.

In other words, a battery that can stand 500 full charges from 0% to 100% effectively can be charged a total 500x100 or 50,000%. It makes no difference whether this total charge is in a large number of small charges or a small number of large charges.

The figures of 500 and 2000 full charges I mention above are just example figures and different batteries may be outside this range.

Finally, if the battery is to be left unused for a long time, it should be left with a charge state of 50% to 80% full. Leaving the battery fully charged may gradually reduce the performance; however, leaving the battery empty can seriously reduce the battery life.