What are the advantages of high rate battery performance?

November 12, 2019

Latest company news about What are the advantages of high rate battery performance?

What are the advantages of high rate battery performance?


believe many people will find that on many large-scale batteries, such as drone batteries, there will be words such as high-rate batteries or rate discharge. At this time, I believe that many friends who do not understand have such a question: high-rate battery performance. What are the advantages?

The high magnification is representative of the charge and discharge capability of the lithium polymer battery relative to the ordinary magnification. The high-rate battery is divided into a discharge rate and a charge rate, and "C" is used to indicate the ratio of the charge and discharge current of the battery, that is, the magnification. High-rate batteries have many advantages in terms of performance. For example, the discharge platform is high and the use time will be longer. A series of characteristics of high instantaneous discharge current.

High-rate lithium polymer battery is one of the core technologies of Greip, which has the following advantages:

1, with high current discharge performance, explosive power, high discharge platform, good cycle life and so on;

2, the discharge rate can meet the pulse 150C, 45C continuous discharge, 5C fast charging capacity;

3, with high energy density, using laminated film process, because of its small internal resistance, more favorable for rate charge and discharge, high efficiency output performance;

4, to provide a higher discharge rate, up to 45C, better temperature stability during discharge, controlled within 65 degrees Celsius, to prevent overheating and damage;

5, with ultra-thin characteristics, battery size is small, the weight is extremely light, can be made into a variety of shapes and capacities of the shaped battery, the thickness can be achieved 0.45mm;


In the above figure, the battery of the same capacity continues to discharge the test curve under the same current (40C). It can be seen that the discharge voltage of the high-rate battery is higher, and the voltage drop is gentle, releasing more capacity. This is because the internal resistance of the high-rate battery is small, and the loss is small at the time of large current discharge, so the discharge voltage platform and capacity are kept high.


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