What are the requirements of international express for the packaging of batteries and live products?

December 1, 2020

What are the requirements of international express for the packaging of batteries and live products?


International express delivery has always strictly controlled live products. Many international express channels have listed electrified products as prohibited items. Because batteries are flammable and easily leakable items, the Civil Aviation Administration of China issued the "About Strengthening the Safety of Lithium Battery in Passenger Bag "Notice of Air Transport", expressly prohibits international air transport of items with batteries, especially lithium batteries.


In order to avoid accidents and protect the lives and property of passengers, it is prohibited to consign (including large cargo) lithium batteries for electronic equipment such as mobile phones or laptops during air transportation.


In fact, batteries and live products can be transported, but they must meet the airline's requirements for the transportation of dangerous goods.


①All pure batteries must be packaged in boxes, and the inner and outer boxes must be affixed with battery labels that meet aviation standards;


②Fireproof label: not foldable, the standard size is: 130*120MM in the outer box, and the small fireproof label is 105MM*74MM


③The inner box can only hold 2 at most; the inner box must be sealed, and the inner/outer box must be shaken without noise; the single battery cannot exceed 10kg; each battery needs to be packaged in a separate box.


④The outer box must be packed in a newer, harder box, and cannot be packed in yellow glue paper;


⑤Inner packaging requirements: each battery must be individually packaged and must be packaged in a single box; and must be packaged in a box with a fire-proof label on the box.


⑥The invoice or waybill needs to indicate the battery model (modelno), volts (V), amperage, and category (dry or lithium battery) of the entire shipment. The type (PI965--PI970) is convenient for our colleague making orders. Battery information


⑦ Dry batteries, lithium batteries, and lithium metal batteries cannot be mixed. Lithium metal batteries are not accepted with the same ticket as the other 2 batteries!


⑧ The outer box of the goods must not have dangerous goods marks (aviation marks 1-9 dangerous marks).


⑨ Excess batteries are not accepted (battery power cannot exceed 100W).


⑩The outer surface of the battery or battery pack must be marked with the model, volts and amperes, otherwise it will not be accepted.