What are the steps for replacing the battery with an electric car?

October 29, 2019

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What are the steps for replacing the battery with an electric car?


The battery is generally divided into two types: new and after-sales service. The new battery and the after-sales service battery have obvious differences, such as a brand battery, the general after-sales service battery will be marked "after-sales service (not for sale)", the after-sales service battery packaging is not the same as the new battery packaging, the former It is a white background packaging, the latter is an earth color packaging.

Changing the battery for an electric car generally requires four steps:

First, confirm the need to change the battery for electric vehicles

Check if the electric vehicle battery is actually used before changing the battery for the electric vehicle. If your electric car battery is damaged, you don't need to worry about repairing the electric car battery. You should replace it immediately. If not, then check both ends of the electric vehicle battery before making a decision to see if there is any corrosion from the sulfate. If there is, use a hammer to gently tap the extreme to see if you can smash the corroded things. Your electric car battery may be ready to be used again.

Second, replace the old electric car battery

If you decide to change your electric car to a battery, be prepared to take the old one. First we need to scrub the electric car battery with soda. Then use a wrench to carefully loosen the battery screw attached to the negative pole and remove the wire clamp from the extreme. Then remove the positive electrode the same. Then grab the battery of the electric car and take it away from the electric car. After taking out the battery of the electric car, take a moment to clean the clip and the battery pan with soda. If it can no longer be cleaned, it is recommended that you replace them.

Third, install a new electric car battery

Carefully place your new electric vehicle battery in the battery tray. Make sure that the positive and negative poles of the electric vehicle battery are properly placed, and then screw up the shelf to fix the electric vehicle. Connect the positive pole to the wire clamp, and the negative pole is the same. Then cover the hood and try to ride your electric car!

Fourth, reuse the old electric car battery

This step should be emphasized. Your old electric car battery is highly toxic and must be disposed of properly. You can take it to an electric car repair station or agency store, but it is recommended that you take it to the recycling center where they will confirm if things can be reused.

Through the introduction of the above-mentioned battery replacement for electric vehicles, everyone needs to replace the battery with the electric vehicle at home, and can be replaced according to the above steps.