What are the types of electric vehicle batteries? Why do electric cars charge and explode?

December 25, 2019

Electric vehicle charging explosions are common in the news. So, why should it explode and how to prevent ?

There are two types of electric vehicle batteries on the market, lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries. If there is a problem with the quality of the battery, or if it is used improperly, both types of batteries can cause problems or even cause accidents. However, the accidents caused by the two are different. Lead-acid batteries will catch fire but will not explode. Lithium batteries are the main protagonists of charging explosions.

Note: Lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries have their own advantages and disadvantages, you can choose according to your needs. As long as it is used correctly, there will be no problems, everyone can rest assured.

When it comes to the reason, it is actually very simple. As mentioned above, it is the problem of the battery itself + bad charging habits that cause the battery to overheat and short circuit. Therefore, in order to prevent explosions, it is a key first step to choose products of high quality that are produced by regular manufacturers.

However, is it enough to pass the product quality? In our opinion, choosing a reliable product can only play a role of 50%, and the remaining 50% requires good usage habits to ensure.

Do not modify batteries, chargers and electrical components without permission

It is a trivial matter to modify batteries and chargers without permission. It is a big deal to think that if you put them back in, they will be wrongly installed, resulting in a short circuit, fire or even an explosion. For safety, it is recommended that you go to a car store or a professional repair point to repair and maintain the battery, charger, and electrical components.

Do not charge in direct sunlight, away from open flames and high heat sources

Summer is here. This is especially important to note. Remember that you cannot charge electric cars in the hot sun, and do not expose the battery to the sun. In the same way, keep away from open flames and high-temperature heat sources, either in peacetime or when charging.

Not recommended for indoor and corridor charging