what is the BYD blade battery?

April 9, 2020

Recently, BYD once again occupied the headlines of the major news media platforms, even the financial sector, because its chairman Wang Chuanfu announced that BYD's "blade battery" (a new generation of lithium iron phosphate battery) will be in the Chongqing plant in March this year. Mass production started, and it was first installed in the Han EV launched in June.


Why is it called "blade battery"?

In fact, "blade battery" is a name that BYD recently publicized a new generation of lithium iron phosphate battery. In fact, it is the "super lithium iron phosphate battery" developed by BYD for many years. Perhaps it is a sharp and relatively specific name that manufacturers hope to adopt. To get a bigger sound volume.


The so-called "blade battery" is actually a large battery cell with a length of more than 0.6 m developed by BYD, arranged in an array, and inserted into the battery pack like a "blade". On the one hand, it can improve the space utilization rate of the power battery pack and increase the energy density; on the other hand, it can ensure that the battery cell has a sufficiently large heat dissipation area, and can conduct the internal heat to the outside, thereby matching the higher energy density.

Compared with BYD's previous lithium iron phosphate battery, the focus of the "blade battery" upgrade is that the battery cell can be integrated without a module and directly integrated into a battery pack (ie CTP technology), thereby greatly improving the integration efficiency


Analysts at CITIC Securities believe that there are three main advantages of "blade batteries":

1. Significant increase in volumetric energy density. According to the patent, the "blade battery" technology PACK volume energy density exceeds 330Wh / L, which can be increased by more than 30% compared with the original battery system.

2. Cost reduction by more than 30%. By saving materials, labor costs, etc., the battery pack cost is expected to be reduced by 30%.

3. Good heat dissipation performance. Since the "blade battery" is thinner than the traditional square battery, the heat dissipation effect is better.


This battery will be used for new E-CAR in the future