What Should We Do If The Charging Station Is Lacking? The New Idea From India Govemment

December 7, 2017

Latest company news about What Should We Do If The Charging Station Is Lacking? The New Idea From India Govemment

From France Media reports

The government of India put forward a amazing plan in end of 2016 that: Electric-Car will 100% replace the tradition car by 2030

According to the prediction that the electric cars on the road of India will be close to 6 million by 2020, and The new energy vehicles growth with 3 million each year at present.

Indeed it is amazing case.

In order to let consumers to join the revolution, there must be some basic conditions:

At first of all , cost down for the electric cars, meanwhile the government ensure constant supply of charging

However, India's power fail interrupt is frequently, and the charging station network just started in the begin

According to A new energy finance report, There are 350 charging station in India , but about 215000 in China.
The Indian government issue the possible solution for this situation , they can build the replace station , government official Goyal said that electric vehicles can change full charging battery pack in the replace station, it should be save more time than charging for the whole electric vehicles

It seems really good idea!

But there are two serious thing can try do in the future for TAC R&D team and marketing development team


First, mass product more cost-effective, can support the replacement of electric vehicle battery pack

Second, work with the local electric vehicle agent in India together as soon as possible


If you are interested in the Electrical - car marketing, Please contact us , we will support the technology and production for your project one by one.




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