Why are lithium iron phosphate battery packs expensive

September 4, 2020

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Why are lithium iron phosphate battery packs expensive


1. Capacity

In the case of lithium-ion battery capacity without a false standard, generally the larger the battery capacity, the higher the price will be correspondingly.

2. Protection board quality and circuit design

High-quality lithium-ion batteries use high-quality electronic components and protection boards, as well as multiple protection circuit designs, which not only perfect the charge and discharge circuit, but also have multiple designs such as constant temperature and constant voltage, overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, and short circuit. Create a safe environment for you and your equipment. And those low-cost lithium-ion batteries do not have complete production technology, and safety cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, you must choose a reliable lithium-ion battery manufacturer when choosing.

3. Battery quality and safety

The quality of battery cells is also an important factor affecting the price of lithium-ion batteries with the same capacity. The different materials of lithium batteries are also an important factor affecting their price differences. Different purchase channels will also affect their prices. Because some lithium-ion batteries use imported batteries, but also domestically produced ones; in terms of the quality of the batteries, there are also products A, B, and C; even some unscrupulous manufacturers choose second-hand batteries and disassemble electric cores. The difference in price will be even greater.

4. Shell material difference

Generally, the housing of the power supply is made of ordinary plastic or ordinary metal, which not only has extremely poor heat dissipation, but is also extremely easy to deform and affect the appearance. Some brands use inferior materials to cause spontaneous combustion and other threats. High-quality lithium-ion batteries generally use PC+ABS materials, while ordinary batteries are not, which is one of the important reasons for their high prices.