Why did lithium batteries not completely replace lead-acid batteries?

March 30, 2021

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Why did lithium batteries not completely replace lead-acid batteries?
The first reason: lithium batteries are too expensive
The reason why lithium batteries are not as popular as lead-acid batteries is the price. The core advantage of electric vehicles as a civilian-level transportation tool is price, and the price of lithium batteries is relatively high because of the relatively high manufacturing cost. It is several times that of lead-acid batteries. Then, for an electric car of the same model, one is 3,000 yuan for a lithium battery, and the other is 2,000 yuan for a lead-acid battery. Consumers will naturally choose lead-acid batteries, and since lead-acid batteries If the battery sells well, the merchants will naturally purchase lead-acid batteries. The larger the order of lead-acid batteries, the manufacturers will naturally increase the production of lead-acid battery electric vehicles and reduce the production of lithium battery electric vehicles, thus forming a cycle.
In addition to the higher cost of lithium batteries at the time of purchase, even if they are naturally scrapped, the value of lead-acid batteries will be much higher than that of lithium batteries. The recycling of lead-acid batteries can basically reach one-third of the original price, and almost no one recycles lithium batteries. Therefore, in the age when prices determine sales, the lithium battery market will naturally be restricted.
The second reason: Lithium batteries have safety hazards
Lead-acid batteries have undergone more than one hundred years of scientific research and technological development. Today, the application technology is very mature. Although lithium batteries have been developed for a long time, they have not been used for as long as lead-acid batteries. There is a problem of spontaneous combustion caused by unstable discharge. Basically, the spontaneous combustion of vehicles that we can see is all lithium batteries. Although this proportion is very small, they are labeled as "unsafe" and consumers are buying There will definitely be some worries at the time.
The third reason: lead-acid batteries are highly recognized
Electric vehicles have been developed in my country for 20 years, and the electric vehicles on the early market are all lead-acid batteries, so most of the current 300 million electric vehicles are owners of lead-acid electric vehicles. When people are used to one thing, If this thing does not have too many shortcomings, naturally you will not choose more expensive and less safe lithium battery electric vehicles. Therefore, the current design of lithium battery electric vehicles are basically young models, which are attracting young people. consumer.
From the above points, we can see why lithium batteries cannot temporarily replace lead-acid batteries. However, in the long run, lithium batteries are still very promising to replace lead-acid batteries, because the advantages of lithium batteries, such as lightness and durability, are also facts. If the hidden safety hazard is solved, the price is more affordable, and the era of lithium battery electric vehicles will come.
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