Why is the battery in the car dead

September 4, 2020

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Why is the battery in the car dead



There are still functions and components running after the vehicle is turned off

Many car owners think that after closing the switch, the car is in a state of power failure, but in fact, many devices are still in operation. The most common is the anti-theft system installed on many car models now. As soon as the car door is locked, the system starts to work, and its power consumption is much smaller than that of equipment like headlights. But after a few weeks, when the car is not started for a long time for charging and the battery is in a poor state of storage, the battery will run out.

Forgot to turn off the lights after locking the car

I stopped the car without turning off the lights, and after a night, the battery was overworked and shocked, and finally went on strike. Of course, many vehicles now have their headlights turned off automatically when they are locked, but there are still some vehicles that need to turn off their headlights manually, so be careful outside.