Why the iPhone8 Plus tympanites ,What shall we do ?

October 8, 2017

Latest company news about Why the iPhone8 Plus tympanites ,What shall we do ?


Following the users from Taiwan, Japan have found iPhone8 system mobile phone battery tympanites , Hong Kong users meet same problem on September 22 too. The user show the photos for the screen cracking caused the battery tympanites on September 28.


Apple iPhone8 face the same trouble time and time again ,it is not the individual defeat obviously .Maybe the battery vendor have defeat during the manufacture process and quality control for battery safety performance.


According to Korean media reported that the defeat iPhone8 Plus battery suppliers is Samsung SDI and LG . and the China OEM factory is the same one for Samsung Note 7. so the customer worry about the safety performance for IPHONE 8 system. On the other side, Apple company Response that the iPhone8 Plus Battery will not explode and it is not a serious case.


So what is the reason for the battery tympanites ?will the battery explode later?


First of all, IPHONE8 PLUS battery material is Lithium-ion polymer , the batteries are soft pack with vacuuming , when the battery is damaged for some reason, the performance of batteries will tiny tympanites, so the Battery cell tympanites is just early warning signal of cell damage or unsafety ,in other words, there is reasonable tympanites rate standard for the battery , the battery should not explode as long as the tympanites degree is within the limit of tympanites rate standard .


So You need not confound at the battery tympanites , normally the battery will not explode, just ask the sales to replace the good one.